Our History

The First Seventh Day Adventist Church of Paterson is now located at 343 11th Avenue in Paterson, New Jersey. With its humble beginnings as a small group of believers in the home of Sister Mary Scott, niece of Sister Kizzell Newell and then moved to the Alabama Projects in the year 1961. The Lord impressed a dedicated elder from the Englewood Seventh Day Adventist Church, Elder John Williams, Jr. to go to Paterson, NJ and call sinners to repentance. From his willingness and the leading of the Holy Spirit, in 1967 President W.A Thompson organized the "Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist Church". Under various District Pastors, with Elder Williams serving as Lay Pastor for the church, the church grew, with lessons that Elder Williams designed himself, and continued to point sinners to a loving Savior. 

In 1975, Pastor Thaddius Privette came to Paterson. During this time, the Pathfinder Club went into top form. Pastor Victor Wallen, the church's first full-time conference Pastor, who also arrived in 1975, continued the church moving forward with his goal to win souls for the Kingdom, and a unity level that allowed him to conduct two Crusades, Branch Sabbath School, After School Tutoring-Literacy Program, and a Gospel Choir.

In 1979, Pastor William Hall, who with the zeal and skill of a seasoned veteran, pitched a tent in the heart of the city. His constant drive for souls paid off, as the church grew tremendously under his leadership. Through his leadership, the Gospel Choir became one of the finest choirs in the Allegheny East Conference.

Pastor William Leroy Irving was assigned to Paterson in 1981. His strong administrative abilities allowed our Poor Fund, Deacon, and Usher Board to become vibrant and vital during his stay. In 1985, Pastor Joshua Broomfield made the adjustment from Arizona to Paterson as our next Minister. Family minded, with his guidance, the church grew and our Pathfinder club was on the move.

In 1987, Pastor Brian Carter was united with the Paterson Church. He brought with him a spirit of beauty and vision. Under his leadership, the church began its reconstruction. The name was also changed to "First Seventh Day Adventist Church of Paterson".

In 1990, Pastor Claude Harris II, led us in the completion of our building project at our previous address 440 East 33rd St and his thirst for souls for the Master continued to move us toward the kingdom of God.

Pastor Carl Hinds came to serve as the Pastor for the First Seventh Day Adventist Church of Paterson in 1993 and ministered for 13 years. Thus, serving the longest term in the church's history. Pastor Hinds' passion for Prison Ministry allowed for our Prison Ministry Department to flourish and grow. Under his leadership, we purchased the current building at 343 11th Avenue.

In 2006, Pastor David L. King, Sr. was sent to lead our congregation. His vision and dedication to spreading the gospel led us to reach out to our community to let them know of God's love. We started our building renovation project and have since completed Phase I. We give all praises and honor to God for His blessings. Under King's leadership, many new members joined the church and the tithing increased so dramatically, that the conference recognized Paterson SDA as one of the fastest growing church in terms of tithes giving. Sadly, in 2012, Pastor King passed away from illness, and was succeeded by another pioneer in the ministry.

Dr. John Trusty was sent to the church to help the church heal from such a sad ordeal. There was a need for healing, comfort, and consolation. The ability to respond effectively to these needs was found in the new Pastor. The membership of the church worked in unison with Dr. Trusty to continue to spread the good news of salvation in the city of Paterson and its environs. Under his leadership, there was a dramatic development in family commitment. Many families were restored and many returned to church, including new additions to the church family.

In 2014, we had to say goodbye to Dr. Trusty because of health issues, and he was replaced by Pastor Richard Campbell. Pastor Campbell has since been working diligently to continue our growth and enhance our presence in the community.  Under his leadership thus far, we have held successful evangelistic and other community outreach initiatives. He has a passion for street ministry and a concern that every member be made to feel a genuine part of the church family. He seeks to lead the church in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ firstly to everyone within our local community and also to our global internet audience through Christ-like living, Christ-centered worship, Christ-centered teaching, and practical, Christ–centered ministries.